Useful Resources

Top Job Aggregators:

Job aggregators pull job postings matching your search criteria from many different websites  like the major job boards, direct employer career sites, staffing agency career sites, newspapers, professional association websites, industry websites, etc. 

Job aggregators are great!  They can save you time and show you more selection of jobs, however, there are some disadvantages too. You will likely be faced with more advertisements and have to sign up with many different job sites to apply for a job you find.  Also, many of the jobs you find may be duplicates or out-dated postings that have since been removed.

Monthly unique visitors = 28,000,000

Simply Hired
Monthly unique visitors = 8,200,000

Glass Door
Monthly unique visitors = 2,800,000

Top Job Boards:

Job boards provide useful features, a consistent process, suggestions of jobs matching your background, and allow recruiters to find/contact you. I've found it most effective for job seekers to use a balance of job boards and aggregators to find/research open positions, aside from networking, of course.

Monthly unique visitors = 29,000,000

Monthly unique visitors = 23,000,000

Top Job-Seeker Social Networking Sites:

With all of the new social networking sites out there... Which are the best ones to help you get a job and open up doors? I would recommend starting with these:





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